Being Unique in a Bland World

pentYep, I said it. It’s a bland world out there. Not just bland because there’s nothing special going on, but because there’s so MUCH non-special going on!!

At a recent photo-shoot we were discussing why it was so hard to find good, new music when our photographer said, “It’s not that there’s not anything good out there, it’s just that there’s so MUCH out there to wade through to get to something interesting!”

I have literally spent hours looking through iTunes, searching, just hoping to find one blessed artist that I could have never heard of that will blow my mind, or at least make it into my playlist! I end up back at the artists I have been following for years, and hope fellow fans of theirs might lead me somewhere new. But it’s very difficult.

So what to do? Well, here’s some things to think about.

Read more that will blow your mind here:

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