The Value of the Valley


Creative highs and lows are what we call “An Occupational Hazard”.There’s nothing like that awesome feeling where everyone gets what you are doing, and people are lining up to tell you how much you blessed them. You feel like you are making a difference in people’s lives, and you see real results. You actually see God working right before your eyes.

But then, one day, the phone stops ringing. The church folk just seem a little distant. The songs just are not coming, and you wonder if you will ever write again. Life steps in with personal things you simply must deal with and you must put family issues on the front burner. Someone gives you a very negative review, one that hurts. You pray to God to give you strength, but truly feel like maybe He wants you to quit all this creative nonsense and go sell shoes.

“And then…depression set in” – Bill Murray (Stripes)

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