If For No One Else

ifforVery often, you will strain your everlovin’ mind to think who needs to see or hear your stuff. Who needs to benefit from your talent? Why did God put you here in the first place if not to bless others with what you can do?

Then there are others days, maybe like today, where you feel no one is listening and even if they did, what you do wouldn’t affect them one bit.

Now, this will NOT be a blog post about how you always have an audience of One, and God smiles at every song, painting, or photo you produce. (He does by the way, but this will not be about that.)

This post is to tell you that you probably wrote that song, crafted that prose, or thought out that dance routine because it pleased you. Something about it moved YOU inside. You want to come back to it and enjoy it.

And that’s…okay.

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