Make a Plan and Stick With It

makeaplanIn winter, I plot and plan. In spring, I move.” – Henry Rollins

As things start to slow down and you look back over the year, did you accomplish any of creative goals?

Did you get into the studio and do that recording? Did you finish that book? Did you get things moving with your creative business? Did you knock on the doors of publishers with your songs?

It’s so easy for weeks, months, and yes, even a year to slip by without getting anything going – even when we promised ourselves that this would be the year! We get comfortable in our lives just the way they are. We get so busy running from here to there, from bed to work then back home and back to bed, taking kids everywhere, or just trying to keep the bills paid and keep everyone happy. We just don’t have time to get to our dreams.

And now, we have to get presents for everyone, and figure out Christmas parties and travel, and still work and pay the bills. How in the Wonderful World of Disney could it be possible to move things forward with our creative dreams…? Read the rest here > 

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