Social Marketing Tips and Tricks Part 1

The Facebook Page is a dedicated page on Facebook for your music that is NOT your personal Facebook account. You don’t get new “friends”, but people who “like” your page. This will not be a primer on how to set that up, but how to use it for marketing your music and ministry.

We find the Facebook Page to be the best social media device for artists, especially since most people use Facebook daily anyway. Also, it’s the best tool to reach family and friends as well as people who may not know you but find you through shares and ads.

Here are some tips we have seen work on your Facebook Page.

  • Invite Friends every month. They won’t know your page exists if they aren’t told about it. And it won’t let you invite them more than once so you don’t have to worry about them being bothered by you.
  • We also put the Facebook Page widget on all websites and blogs so people can see it and join if they find you another way other than Facebook. If you do Twitter a lot, you may want to send people to your FB Page every once in a while from Twitter.

  “Trust is built with consistency.” – Lincoln Chafee

  • Use an exact web address for links. For instance, go to your blog post you want to push and copy the exact link to that blog post, not just a link to your page or blog. Then use that exact link in your Facebook page post.
  • Post Daily. This is a biggie. Every day doesn’t and shouldn’t be a sales pitch. Maybe you just post a bible verse or quote with no link. The goal is to build trust in your brand. That happens by them seeing daily useful content, and then every few days they get to hear a song, or see a video, or an image.
  • The goal is engagement, and you get that by people commenting (and you responding to each comment), people sharing the post with friends, and people liking the post.
  • Don’t get discouraged by “reach” or how many people Facebook serves the post to. Facebook determines this willy-nilly by their secret algorithm. If you get 5-10% of the number of folks who like your page, that’s pretty normal. You’ll know the post engaged with people if you get way more than that, and the more who like, share, and comment on a post will make it reach way more than even the people who like your page.

“You go on Facebook, you buy social advertising. And you can very cost-effectively target people who are in the market for your product from all over the world.” – Marc Andreesen

  • The way to make sure your followers see your post is to “boost” it. Even a boost of $3-10 gets way more people seeing it. 10 or 100 times that amount turns it into a full-fledged marketing campaign that brings lots of engagement with fans on a personal level.
  • YouTube seems to be the best marketing tool on your Facebook page as people can watch the video right there, or click over to your video on YouTube. Either way it provides engagement and views for the video.
  • The next best thing I’ve found is to use blog posts to get people to your site. (See my article here on how powerful blogs can be.) You can use little sentences, quotes, or verses that are in the blog to hook them and get them to click over to your blog post. Then BOOM they are on your website.
  • Quotes and Bible verses are also very popular and don’t require a lot of work for you either. If you can also add pictures it works even better. (I use a program called Pablo right now that lets you pick a nice picture and put your quote or verse over it.)
  • Whatever content you post, even if it’s other things like pictures or ideas, being consistent in posting these things regularly will keep your Facebook Page audience growing and bringing people to your music and ministry brand.

“Getting an audience is hard. Sustaining an audience is hard. It demands a consistency of thought, of purpose, and of action over a long period of time.” – Bruce Springsteen

Have a great week!


Eric Copeland is president of Creative Soul, a unique Christian music consulting, production, and marketing company. Contact us here for more info!

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