In working for several decades as a music and recording company, we have found that our real value comes in helping music artists introduce their brand, find and grow their audience, and reach people with their music and message. Yes, we help them develop and record, but that’s just the beginning. We all get into this work so that God can use our gifts, and get them to the world. We think we’ve found the best way in this current day and age to do that.

Infinite Creativity, On Display

Music and visuals have been around a very long time. In fact, the early movie musicals helped kick off the age of talking motion pictures in the 1930’s. MTV helped fuel the biggest run for the music business in the 80’s and 90’s. And now, in this age of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and other visual online and mobile technology, I think there may be nothing more important for music than the visual, viral opportunities music and video provide for artists and songwriters.

We have quietly stockpiled music related video material we have done for artists over the last 20 years, and now feel like this is a direction we must not only explore, but put our focus on. is our newest site that will serve as a sister company to all our Cre8iv Entertainment channels, including Creative Soul Records, Creative Soul Jazz and Instrumental, Music History Matters, and the forthcoming Creative Soul Classical. Our goal is to bring the audiences of all artists to so that we can impact more people with the positive message and music our artists produce.

The New Way to Build Your Brand

Well, it’s not really new. But in a day where touring or live performance in some genres is harder to attain, reaching people through social media might be the best way to build your brand. Think about it. The main thing we need as artists and songwriters is to be seen and heard. Before 1900 that meant performing live in front of people. In the last century it meant making a “record” and promoting it through live performance and sales. But in this new century we are seeing a different model form. It’s about building a brand that grows in value through the quality of its product, and serving the audience via the tools they use everyday: chiefly the computer, and/or mobile device.

Constant New QUALITY Music Content and Shows

We are currently at work on more video content than we have ever produced. At least half a dozen of our artists are working on new videos at this writing, from simple lyric videos to high end productions. We have original programming including a Music Business show, and some other original ideas based on our brands. We feel that and visual content of the music we produce is the natural next step for the artists and songwriters we serve daily. And don’t get us wrong, the music and its quality are still the most important thing we do.  But it has been impressed upon us that making sure that music is heard is also part of our primary ministry.

Tune In

You can help us now by tuning in, and signing up to be notified when new videos debut.  The link is just below. We also are always looking for new artists in all genres. We have so many opportunities in our Christian, Jazz, Classical, and even Pop, Film, and TV genres! We want to make amazing music, amazing videos, and get them to the world!

Check out now!

Want to record a single and make a video to premiere on ? Contact us now about getting started!

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