Still Focused on YOU!

One of our newest artists, Lacey Ortiz!

At Creative Soul, we are not only meeting and recording new artists who want to build and grow their music ministries, we are making it happen on the back end with true marketing to YouTube, Facebook, Website, Video marketing, Radio play, National Publicity, and presenting artists to major labels.

Who else does that? Who else focuses on YOU the independent artist trying to find a place in such a crowded music marketplace?

As always, our unique consulting options and high-end production in Nashville are amazing, but what really sets us apart is what we can do for you AFTER the recording. What happens then? Who is going to walk with you down those roads?

That’s why Creative Soul Records continues to be a unique answer and alternative to the old “record and hope for a record deal” option most artists settle for.

Why hope? Get out there! Let’s make amazing music, make videos, release to radio, meet with label and publishing folks who can really help you develop your music and ministry for life!

Need real world examples?

How about Creative Soul Records artist Abigail Sloane? She came to us for some songwriting help, and ended up recording her first EP that was mixed by a Grammy-winning engineer. Her videos have gotten tens of thousands of hits. She has appeared on dozens of radio and TV interviews. Now she is moving to Nashville to begin working more closely with other writers, and developing the relationships with the labels who have interest in her.

Drew Greenway came to one of our workshops and was part of our “Discoveries” EP project. He went on to win Song of the Year in the 16th Annual Independent Music awards in New York City. He has developed a following of almost ten thousand YouTube subscribers, and has the ear and interest of labels.

Frances Drost came to us years ago to work on her new project, and has since recorded many singles and albums with us. One of her albums spawned a regional Christmas Show that draws thousands every year.

George Tifft recorded his first album with us in Nashville, and then jumped in an RV to tour the country. After several years on the road, he will have over 200 dates this year!

Leslie McKee has worked with us for years on EPs and singles, then released a full album last year to great reviews, radio play, and national publicity.

Stephen Bautista and his family are celebrating SEVEN years on the road as a Christian ministry this year touring across the country.

These are the kind of things we couldn’t have dreamed up for these folks, but God did. Does he have that in mind for your music and ministry?

If you have been looking for the right way to invest and move forward with your music and ministry, we invite you to contact us and let’s talk about the long term dreams we could make come true for you. It’s what we do, what we have done for decades, and what we will continue to do.

We’re still focused on YOU!

Contact us here! Or get started with one of our consulting programs here.

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