Do You Have a Plan?

Sure you have music. You have thoughts that people might like your music if you put it out. There is no shortage of people who advertise online that work in “Nashville” or “Los Angeles”, or that had a “hit record” or “won a Grammy”, or that used to play for this guy, or tour with that guy. They could all work for you, at the right price.

But will they offer you a plan?

You’re going to need someone to help you find a way to not only make music that is great, but get it out to the world, and then keep walking with you down those roads. Helping you with things like branding, image and identity, photos, graphics, duplication, web sites, music videos, Facebook and YouTube strategy and marketing. Personally help you get radio, publicity, and get your songs to music publishers, TV, Film, Commercials.

This is what a label does for you, which is why people for a century have been trying to get “signed”. But first of all, 99.9% of artists who want to be signed, are never signed. And those who do don’t always retain control over their music and image, or masters!

So how do you find someone to put together a real plan that will work, that will help you make great music, walk besides you to market it, hook you up with all those people in quotes in the first paragraph, and keep walking with you in the plan?

That’s what we have been doing in our business for over 20 years for artists all around the US and the world. And we’re expanding. We’ve been a consistent force and guide for artists and songwriters in Christian/Gospel (including Pop, Rock, R&B, World, and other styles) as well as real players in the Jazz industry (including many Top 30 Billboard Jazz hits), and soon we are expanding to Classical, EDM, and Pop/Rock. We also have a budding sync licensing company starting to get songs into stores, TV, Film, Ads, and more.

We have a plan. For us, and for you.

We know where we are going, and we know how to get there. You know where you want to go, and we are happy to talk to you about how to get there.

Let’s put together a plan for your music, your career, and your goals. It’s a new world out there in making and especially promoting music. Every artists needs a unique plan.

We’d love to help you. Click here. Let’s talk.

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  1. This is another reason I point people in your direction when they want to start recording songs. You help artists work on their overall career, not just put out a project. Keep up the great work. We appreciate you!!

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