A FOUR Release Weekend!

It was a busy weekend at Cre8iv Entertainment, with not one, not two, but FOUR song premieres across four different music brands.

How did it go? One word: AMAZING!

Let’s look at what our artists and songs did this weekend!

Kerri Lynn, “A Father’s Love”

First on Friday, we went against the grain on Facebook and premiered the YouTube video first. Facebook prefers you push Facebook (or Instagram since they own that too), but we know that YouTube views and subscribers are more important, especially for Kerri’s brand in which she posts a lot to YouTube and is trying to build that channel. The YouTube video has over 300 views.

Then later Friday we updated her brand profile on Facebook. On Saturday we uploaded her video natively to Facebook and it currently has 1000 views, 50 likes (which can be used to invite ppl to the page), tons of comment and shares and a reach of over 2200. This is with no boosting!

Both these pushes also resulted in new likes to the FB page and new YouTube subscribers.


Sarah Peyton, “Broken Song”

This was not only a song premiere (that we co-wrote with Sarah), but also an artist premiere. So stats are pretty HUGE.

For a new artist I prefer to go Facebook centric first, so we reversed the procedure above and uploaded the video (shot by Billy Brown) to Facebook natively. That video has gone very viral and at last count over 3700 views, a reach of over 7000, 80 comments, and 90 SHARES (which is pretty good for a video out for 3 days!! And not boosted!)

Next, as with Kerri we did some FB Page profile updating, and put a post presenting her YouTube channel. For new artists (and YT channels) this isn’t as big a deal to FB followers, but we will see what happens.

Positive Spin, “Happy Father’s Day (feat. Caroline Williams)”

This is our Positive music brand, and this is actually a new version of last year’s song of the same name. We added a new vocalist, and tricked it out with new players, mix, and formal master. All players are featured at the end of the video with their dads or kids!

Being a brand that is not based on a person, it’s difficult on Facebook, and the YouTube page is still growing. This brand takes actual marketing, boosting, and ads to do anything.

It’s even more difficult to push the same song you pushed last year on the same weekend, but with a different singer and band.

I elected to push YouTube first, and have over 200 views on YouTube. On Father’s Day we released the video to Facebook natively and have had about 200 views.

Donna Gray, “The Heart of This Man”

Our final release this weekend was just the start of a week long promotion for Donna Gray’s newest video and song from her album “The Other Me”. While we work on her newest song, we are going back and doing some videos of her older songs especially ones that go right with holidays.

So far after just launching on Father’s Day, the video has almost 700 views on Facebook.

See Donna’s new video here:


That’s over 6000 (and still growing) views across Facebook and YouTube, plus hundreds of likes, comments, shares, and other things that make brands grow. We even experimented with posting a video to Instagram/IGTV and will be doing that more on future videos with artists who have Instagram accounts.

And all these videos are already or will end up on our growing Cre8iv.TV and be featured there next after premiering on YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram.

This is what we do at Cre8iv Entertainment and for our clients at Creative Soul Records and our other brands. And we’re just getting started. This week we are launching a new video from our 88Upright piano and bass brand, followed by another Positive Spin single Monday, and a new Creative Soul Records band premiere video and song later next week!

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