A Hot Start to 2020!

It’s been an amazing first month for Creative Soul Records releasing new music with FOUR new videos, with over 10,000 views on Facebook. We also have several more videos premiering soon, and we’ve also signed two new artists!

CSR artists Chelsea Leah and Jay Powell each released new singles to some amazing numbers.

Chelsea Leah released “Shepherd of my Heart” with no Facebook following at all, and now her page has over 300 followers, and the video close to 5000 views – all in just over a week!

Check out “Shepherd of My Heart” here: 

Then we released Jay Powell’s “unreserved” music video after teasing it during the Super Bowl, and the next day it began a journey that has resulted in almost 400 new Facebook followers and also closing in on 5000 views.

Listen to “unreserved” here: 

We have also released Shalette Freeman’s new single “Right on Time” and Count Laws title cut to his new album “Grateful” in 2020!

Check them out here:

Shalette Freeman, “Right on Time”:

Count Laws, “Grateful”:

Stay tuned for new videos by Easter Wabo, Falcone Rising, Rosalyn Smith, and more!

New Artists

Creative Soul Records is excited to now be working with Brad Irons and Nicole Falgout on their new ministry projects, and are currently talking with other songwriters and artists about getting their music ministries started.

Contact us now to get started with your music ministry!

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