New Normal? Same Normal. New Music from Creative Soul Artists.

It’s been a great year so far with Creative Soul Records! But it’s taken a crazy turn with the events we are all struggling to adapt to.

One thing that never changes is our constant, our focus: Christian music ministries trying to reach out and make a difference through their ministry for God!

We have new artists working on their first projects, current artists preparing new singles, EPs, and albums, and some great new releases you can see below.

Falcone Rising, “You Won’t Break Me”
This is just the latest from this harder edged rock brand, with some amazing guitar and bass work on display! Be Advised: The subject matter in this video deals with sin in a straight on and literal way. There is no foul language of course, but it does address sin issues in a head-on fashion.

All Together United, “He’s Alive”

This is an amazing tribute to our Savior, released on Easter this year. ATU is now preparing for their summer tour, and another video to be released soon.

Rosalyn Smith, “His Name”

This powerful song was co-written by Creative Soul Records president Eric Copeland, and mixed by our longtime mix engineer and producer Ronnie Brookshire.

“Love Is”, Count Laws

This is the newest from CSRtist Count Laws. A stirring song about the love of God.

Contact us now to produce and market your music ministry!

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