Looking for New Artists and Songwriters!

For years, Creative Soul Records has been known as THE independent label for faith-based artists focused on the Christian pop genre. We have and still are proud to A&R and market these artists.


In 2021, Creative Soul Records is focusing on finding, developing, producing, and marketing faith-based artists of all genres including rock, jazz, classical, folk, world, country, bluegrass, EDM, and any other music genre you can think of.

Why this change? Well, it’s really not a change. We have produced faith-based artists of other genres for decades including jazz, reggae, country, and more.

Touring, Online Reach, Music Licensing

Our goals for 2021 include all the things we’ve always done: helping artists who want to tour and sell product, helping artists who want to focus on an online audience, and helping songwriters improve and grow.

Our artists have always gotten out and toured, but 2020 put the kibosh on that pretty hard. But we’re all hoping 2021 will be a rebound year for touring music artists. So we want to be your support label for that purpose. Make a new product, and make plans to get it out as we build an exclusive network of places you can go share and sell your music.

And as we learned in 2020, reaching your audience online is always important. We helped many artists like Chelsea Leah, Jay Powell, All Together United, and more reach thousands with their music through their channels on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more.

We also have a renewed focus on providing music to TV, film, advertising, gaming and more through our growing company and music library Positive Spin Songs. We’ve recently signed songs to an exclusive library, including several that involved Creative Soul Records clients. We feel that the world needs more positive music in all genres, and who better to provide that than the faith-based artists and songwriters of Creative Soul?

Also NEW for 2021!

  • NEW! We’re rebuilding our CSR TourShare Network of possible churches and events hosted by our artists. Once it’s safe to get back out there, we want our artists out sharing their music and message with the world.
  • NEW! We’re working with our more serious artists towards individual yearly meetings with our A&R and publishing contacts at Nashville Christian labels and publishing companies.
  • NEW! Improved Song Discovery. We are working hrader than ever to find our artists songs from Nashville Christian music publishers, working with your songs, or co-writing with Nashville songwriters.
  • NEW! We found througout 2020 that selfie videos generate just as much reaction via Facebook and Instagram as our higher budget videos. So we are helping artists to create these at home saving money, but generating excitement online for their music brand.
  • NEW! For each new “official CSR” premiere video that comes out on Creative Soul Records, we will be doing a special “Intro video” on the CSR YouTube channel (and the CSR website) featuring CSR President Eric Copeland perhaps even with the artist introducing the video, then link directly to the artist’s video on their own channel. We’ve been looking for a way to grow the YouTube channels of both CSR and its artists and we think this is it! This will be the YouTube we promote from the CSR side on FB and elsewhere, while the artist brand features the official video only on their channels.
  • NEW! Consideration and participation of your music in TV, film, and advertising through our sync licensing companies. (Includes our weekly Monday Zoom mtg if interested. Entry fee required.)
  • NEW! It’s important to stay connected as we work on your music and brand, so we are starting bi-weekly phone or Zoom meeting to make sure we stay on goals and deadlines.

So, whatever kind of music you make, whatever your goals for your music, we want to hear from you! Let’s get your music out to the world and into the hearts and ears of people throughout the world.

Contact us now at CreativeSoulRecords@gmail.com to get started!

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