What You Need Now!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with your music, but especially as we come into a time where hopefully the world could return to somewhat normal it’s time we get back out there and offer hope and inspiration!

So, where is your music right now? What do you need to make the next step? It’s always about the next thing you can do, so what is that for you?

Make Something New.

This one is easy, and you know when you need it. Need to write a new song and put it out? Need to make a new recording because it’s been a while? This is the most natural next step for almost every artist or songwriter. Create new music. Get back to doing what you were born to do and can’t help but do.

Watch out for distractions! The world is programmed to keep you from creating. But guess who has control over this? YOU! Find that hour or hours in your schedule. Contact that person to help you create something amazing if you need help producing it.

Maybe making something new is what you need to do right now?

Make a Video of Your Music.

Yes, a video. Show your music to the world and share at least to friends and family on Facebook, and to the rest of the world on YouTube. There is still no better outlet that is almost completely free especially on the marketing side.

Here’s a few videos of some beautiful songs our artists just released to YouTube and their audiences:

Maybe making a video of your new song is what you need to to right now?

Build or Update Your Music Website.

A professional web site can be the first thing people find about you, or at the very least it’s where they go looking for information and to check the legitimacy of you as an artist or songwriter.

Maybe making (or refreshing) a website is what you need to do right now?

Release a Collection of Your Work.

This could be a music album of any size on CD, and/or to the digital music stores. This could be something else physical like sheet music or a book. Putting out a collection of music is unlike any feeling in the world. To be able to show a complete set of songs shows a level of commitment not many creatives achieve.

Maybe you need to develop and release a collection of your music?

These are just a few ideas on what you could do if you wanted to, yes even as we try to end this pandemic. In fact, this may be the most important time to do these things and get your music out in human history.

There is going to be a world waiting for what you do next.

Have a great week!


Eric Copeland works daily creating and marketing music for his own brands and artists around the world. His company Creative Soul helps artists and songwriters get what they need right now!

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Get in touch with us today on what you’d like to do now!

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