The Fall Special 2021

Have you been trying to get back to your music this year, but it’s been harder than you thought it would be? Money is tight, and there’s still this thing called…COVID!

Yes we all thought it might be easier to make music and get back out there in 2021, but it has been rough!

That’s why we’re offering our Fall Special to help artists and songwriters get back out there, whether that means in real concerts, or virtual ones, releasing a new single to your fans, or finally getting started.

If you are ready to get started or re-started, or just talk about next steps, we’re here. We continue to be the company focused on helping you no matter what experience you have, no matter what level you are at, or no matter what your budget is.

Our schedule has opened up a little, so we are here to help.

Get in touch now and let’s talk!

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