To Begin…Begin

Or Begin again.

As another year comes to a close, has another year gone by where you didn’t really get things moving with your music?

There may be some things going through your mind as “reasons” for why you didn’t get started.

Before you could even “begin” you found these things as excuses not to get back to work on your music.

It’s Too Hard

Yeah it sure is. Especially by yourself. In a recent poll I’m doing so far overwhelmingly people are saying that it’s just too hard out there to find success as an artist.

At Creative Soul Records, have some interesting new ideas for 2021 about how to approach the new music world and audiences. We’ll get into all of those soon, but suffice to say, there are options for new sales and income from royalties down the road that we’ve just started to explore.

Nobody Cares

Maybe. So you need to make them care with new music, more products, and with the audience we’re looking at serving, you won’t necessarily NEED an audience online or in front of you.

“Where we’re going we don’t NEED roads!”

Doc Brown, Back to the Future

It’s Too Expensive

It has been customary for production to be expensive but we are finding new ways to keep the quality level high, but bring the price down. What is this black magic you say? Let’s just say we still use the great players of Nashville and beyond, but we we have answers for the finalization process to make it less expensive. Also, as we’ll talk about in a minute, your final products may not be as much as an expense for you soon.

There’s No Money In It

When you’re making expensive recordings and aren’t doing traditional touring, you’re right. That’s why we are looking at different digital and physical product packages, as well as music licensing strategies to change this.

CDs Don’t Sell Anymore So Why Bother?

Forget the CD. Or just make a few and make them special editions that sell along with other merch. 2022 and beyond are not going to be about the CD. We’re moving on to other physical and digital products, sold together.

Let’s Talk!

For the rest of the month of December, Creative Soul Records and Positive Spin Songs are giving you a chance to get started or restarted with not only a music career, but one that matters and has real possibilities of cheaper but still quality recording, new sales strategies that can recoup your investment, and long term, passive income from your music with licensing to TV, Film, and more.

“To Begin, begin.”

William Wordsworth

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In our 25th year, we are rewriting how music can be made and monetized for the independent artist, composer, producer, and songwriter. Come join us.

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