You need to start.

It’s time.

You’ve waited for years, maybe decades to pursue music. Or you have a song in your heart or that is important to you that you know you need to share. 

Now is the time to start. Let 2022 be the year that world hears your music.

Yes I understand it’s a hard time in the world, but it’s always a hard time in the world. In YOUR world.


I know it seems like there are less opportunities than there used to be. In reality there is actually more opportunities thanks to all the technology we work on every day. There are more opportunities  provided by long term income from music licensing to TV, Film, Advertising and more. There’s more because of Tools and ads and other ways to increase your Spotify following and earn income. There’s more through other music you can make for the stock music marketplace. There’s more because of new products both physical and digital you can sell.

Compared to 20 years ago even Facebook and YouTube offer you way to get your music, your ministry, or your brand out to millions of people across the planet.

But you need to start.

We can help. We offer high and low priced ways for you to find help. Come to Nashville and experience our Creative Soul Platinum package. Or just come to us for guidance for your home or local recording. Or anywhere in between.

Creative Soul was built for indies by indies, yet our products and our artists can compete with anybody.

You to need to start because we have now tapped in to a whole new world of music licensing that is looking for your unique style and music. And it pays. Yep, unlike being an indie 10 years ago, there are actually ways to make money, and they don’t even necessarily require travel or gigging.

You need to start because we can help you create music any way you want to now. 

At home indie DIY artist? Cool. Let’s talk about how to guide you to the next levels of what you are doing with our Creative Soul DIY package

Wanting to have the absolute highest recording and artist brand building experience possible? We’re looking to help the right artists do just that. 

Want to have your music on TV, in movies, and the bigger income in commercials? That’s what we focus on every day. 

Want to just reach the world with a special song? We have been helping artists and songwriters just like you do this for over 25 years.

But you can’t do anything if you don’t start.

So just go down in the description or below this video and contact us at Creative Soul

It may be just an email, or a DM. But it’s a beginning. It’s a forward movement in your music career you’ve been waiting to make.

You need more than talent, more than dreams, and more than songs you have in your heard.

You need to start.

Make sure to get in touch or at least sign up for our free email list and get our free ebook Getting Started in Music.

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