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We work hard to nurture and grow creative artists with timely, informative, and usually fairly smart aleck posts, that are completely free and hopefully very helpful to you. Follow the links below to read and get email automatically each time we put up a new post.

For the Creative Soul


Are you a Creative Christian? Seems like you’re always making something, thinking of new ideas, writing music, or playing an instrument? This is a blog for singers, players, techies, artists, painters, sculptors, music ministers, choir directors, organists, or just about any Christian that does creative things all the time whether they want to or not! Read the newest post here: or Subscribe to “For the Creative Soul” by Email (Get it automatically each time it posts).

The Music (Ministry) Business


This is a blog written for the specific needs and life of the working Christian Music Ministry. If you are a busy Christian music artist or would like to be, this is the only blog that targets the issues that Christian artists face every day. How do you make your music? How do you get it out there and grow your audience? All these questions and more are what we focus on in the posts on this blog. Read the latest post! Or Subscribe to “The Music (Ministry) Business” by Email (Get it automatically each time it posts).

Soul of the Songwriter


Specifically written for the Christian Songwriter, this blog covers issues especially focusing on songwriting and publishing. It’s something we all want to do, but how do you be original after 2000 years of songs out there? We also talk about publishing and how to get your songs out there. Read the latest post here! Or Subscribe to “The Soul of the Songwriter” by Email (Get it automatically each time it posts).

Music History Matters

What do Mozart, Beethoven, Mile Davis, and the Beatles all have in common with you? Just like you, they lived life as a creative person in a world full of non-creative people. We can learn alot of lessons from the masters of the past. Read it here. Or Subscribe to Music History Matters by Email (Get it automatically each time it posts).

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