Being Unique in a Bland World

Yep, I said it. It’s a bland world out there. Not just bland because there’s nothing special going on, but because there’s so MUCH non-special going on!! At a recent photo-shoot we were discussing why it was so hard to find good, new music when our photographer said, “It’s not that there’s not anything good... Continue Reading →

Breaking Away from Mediocrity

"These are mediocre times, Mrs. Dunn. People are starting to lose hope. It's hard for many to believe there are extraordinary things inside themselves as well as others.” – Quote from the movie, “Unbreakable”. I see and hear lots of artists, songwriters, and creative people every week. You would imagine I’d run into really amazing talent,... Continue Reading →

The Hustle Factor

The one thing we can’t do for artists, one of the things we just can’t teach them, is hustle. If you look at the successful Christian artist, the one thing you will see in every one of them is hustle. They make things happen by working hard at it and doing it consistently. They get... Continue Reading →

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