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Creative Soul has been helping artists get on the road to the next level of their creative life for over 20 years. Our real world experience in all things artistic (in and out of the studio) helps us give you good ideas, promptings, and advice.

Life-Changing Creative Consulting

You’ve been searching everywhere for a way to get started. Someone to be in your corner as you try to begin or restart your life in music or some other kind of creative work. You’re not just looking for a “big break”, you need someone who will listen, guide, and really CARE about your growth as a creative person.

Our hourly phone consulting may be just the easy step you need to begin to break through to a new level of productivity, growth, and maturity in your craft.

Professional Creative Phone Consulting Services

What is all this? Well, we think of it as true “artist” development. For the past 20 years we have spent the majority of our time producing, writing for, arranging for, commiserating with, teaching, coddling, and trying our best to GROW hundreds of music songwriters and artists. It’s more than a job, it’s a adventure!

Through walking with artists through these fires and trials, amazing and awful experiences, triumphant success and complete failure, we have learned a thing or two about both the heart and soul of what it means to be an artist and musician.

Also, living here in Nashville, TN we know how to guide artists through the technical, industry, and reality of the music business. We know how things work, especially for the musician, artist, or technical person on the outside looking in.

Ready to get started NOW?

Go to our online store and make your deposit towards setting up your initial coaching sessions.

Need more information? Contact us and let’s begin talking about getting YOUR music consultation going.

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