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Some comments about our unique Artist Development Workshop and other consulting services.

“I really love how you give many affordable options to artists and care about their personal development. I didn’t know such a thing in this industry existed and it gives me hope to know there are people who care enough to invest in artists and reach others.”
– Natalia

“Mr. Eric Copeland: I have so much respect for you. When we first met, you could have easily name dropped or bragged about who you were and your connections in the industry, but you didn’t. Instead, you asked about my vision, listened to my heart, and offered information on how I could be the best me. Who does that? Producer doesn’t seem like the right title for all you do, but I guess that’s simply the heart of Creative Soul. More than music production; you’re about developing the vision of Christian artists so that we serve out to others what God placed in us. I’m extremely honored I was able to work with you.”
Sharon Roshell, Singer/Songwriter, Louisville, KY

“Just want to tell you what a fantastic time I had at Christian Songwriter’s Workshop! It was so informative of all the aspects of the music industry. I never knew there was so much work contributed behind the scenes, neither did I have any idea that I could ever have the possibility to have my own CD produced. It was truly a blessing to have been there! Thank you also for the CDs of the other Christian artists that you have recorded and produced. They were all great! and very inspiring!”
– Mary Drennon, Songwriter and Artist, Texas

“It was a great time at Word! Don’t know anybody else who would explain music business in detail like you did :)”
-Sergey Mikhaylichenko, Songwriter at our Artist Development Workshop

“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Eric Copeland and Creative Soul. From the very first consultation and through the entire project, they have been extremely professional and easy to work with. Eric not only produced my album, but helped me grow as a musician and songwriter. He has truly been a blessing and I would highly recommend Creative Soul to anyone who wants to work with a genuine, honest Christian company. I have had numerous compliments on the professional radio-quality sound of my album. I will definitely be working with Creative Soul to produce future albums. Thank you, Creative Soul, for turning my dreams into reality!”
– Michelle Skoog, Artist, South Dakota

“In our Artist Workshop, Eric listened to my ‘woe-is-me’ story about the fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and how frustrating it is and how it gets in the way of my ministry and music… and he told me something… he said, “use your weakness as your strength – it’s the very thing that will draw people to you”. I had been more or less hiding it up until then, but took his advice and proudly displayed my struggles at our last concert, and wow… I was shocked at how warmly received I was. So much compassion and support, too!”
– Nicole Barron, Artist, Windsor, Ontario

“My first experience with Creative Soul was more than I could have imagined. Each time I went to Nashville to meet with Creative Soul, I felt one step closer to my dream. The team is very good at working with your personal goals and building a wider following. I also am very thankful that I was given the opportunity to work with such strong Christian people. Everyone you work with is strong in their faith and truly cares about your success. It truly is a breath of fresh air and you most definitely will walk away feeling accomplished.”
– Madalyn McHugh, Artist, Michigan

“We absolutely love what Creative Soul is doing to help artists reach their potential.”
– Daniel Orama

“Somewhere along the way I got off track, lost my focus and began focusing on everything around me and listening to others who were not encouraging. Thank you for reminding me and giving the encouragement to get back on track! I know my limitations and areas of weakness but I know that as long as I go forward and do what I know He has called me to do then the growth and the healing(s) will take place. I cannot express to you how grateful I am for everything you have done for me and this project. Thank you for your patience and encouragement and I am going to do what you have shared with me to concentrate on. Thank you for the Jesus that shines through you! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”
– Christine Ashford, Christian Vocalist, Virginia Beach, VA

“Thanks again for your encouraging words via your (For the Creative Soul) newsletter…they always seems to arrive just when I need to hear them most.”
– James Harvey

“You are one of those rare people in my experience who continues to raise the bar on creativity and solid results and I know first hand that it’s not easy. The successes are weighed by the disappointments and the struggles. The joys however, when you help someone find their voice, or develop a creation they couldn’t have done on their own are huge. Be encouraged. A lot of us are noticing the work you are creating and supporting.”
– Harry Offut, Independent Artist

“I feel more confident in my ministries and in who I am in general. I’m not sure where this all came from – it certainly wasn’t something I expected to come out of our (consultation) meeting, but God does awesome and unexpected things, and I needed to let you know how he used you and our time together in a life changing way for me. I came away so encouraged…for my ministry, my music, my relationship with God, and my self-identity.”
– Cheryl Esposito, Songwriter/Singer, Philadelphia, PA

“Thanks for all that you do. Your teachings have helped my wife and me in a major way. Your wait and pray 30-day teaching has helped us BIG TIME. We have shared it with others and they too have been blessed. You are a gift, from the Lord, to the body of Christ. Blessings!”
– Chuck Gleason

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