Creative Soul DIY

Wake up Neo…we’re looking for you…

Are you the kind of music nerd who has been making music in your bedroom, endlessly creating beats and sharing mixes to Soundcloud, uploading TikToks and Reels, or serving a YouTube audience with fresh content?

Creative Soul Records is starting an underground, as yet to be named DIY label featuring hidden talent that produce themselves, rule socials, and make new music constantly. Our role will be guiding via a weekly online community, developing these unknown artists into brands, and pitching your music to other people who are looking for you…music supervisors for TV and FIlm, Sync Agents looking for that new sound for a brief they just received from a company with a $30,000 music budget for a commercial.

Are you awake Neo? Ready to follow the white rabbit?

We want to hear from you. Tell us your story. Let’s get your incredible music to the world.

Auditions welcome with MP3 links to Soundcloud, YouTube, etc. Invitation Only.

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