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“The Christian Artist Workshop (PDF Edition)”

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Now Includes a free Coaching Call with Creative Soul President and Producer Eric Copeland

Newly updated for 2021, this is the complete PDF edition of everything we talk about in our Nashville consults. It’s the entire outline of the workshop, but chock full of information that you can keep and refer to. You’ll find info about who we are and what we do, finding your purpose and calling, our complete development and production process, how you can expect to make income, and the importance of social media. Also included are plenty of links and information about the Christian music industry that pertains to Christian artists like you.

$75.00 (Now over $200 off the costs of coming to Nashville for our workshops, not to mention travel expenses.)

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“Getting Started in Christian Music”


Get our FREE eBook!

Just updated for 2020! Everything you need to know about getting started in Christian music ministry, plus find out a lot about us!

Find your direction, the realities of being an artist, and much more!

You get that simply by signing up for our timely and encouraging emails.

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“4 Ways to Make Music Income in 2021”

4-ways-cover-1(eBook) NEW FOR 2021!

It’s not easy, but if you’d like to concentrate on making money with your music we break down the four major ways to do it.

Note: This eBook does not cover music jobs like teaching, church work, or music industry jobs at labels or publishers.

Our main thrusts here are things you can focus on as an artist or songwriter to make income and even a living making and selling music.

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“The Straight Truth”

The way it is for Christian artists (whether we like it or not)


This eBook attempts to answer the questions many Christian artists have when they are just investigating recording, starting a ministry, in the middle of recording, trying to market their music, and even trying to figure out if they should even do music ministry at all! How much should you spend? Should you do radio? How do you hire a booking agent?

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“How to Live a Creative Life”


15 years in the making, this eBook covers all the phases of living a creative life.

As far back as I remember, I have always searched through bookstores (both real and now online too) for books that could lead me to new vistas of creativity.

Whether it was a music book, a creative devotional, a business book, or whatever, I always rejoiced when I found that book I could dig into and let it speak to me.

It was (and still is) a treasure hunt to find a new resource that can get me thinking new thoughts, trying new things, and feed my creative soul.

Now here’s my version of that for you from a someone who has lived a life and built a business as a creative.

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