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Tracking with Ronnie Brookshire
Tracking with Grammy-winning veteran engineer/producer Ronnie Brookshire

We have the top producers, musicians, studios, and engineers in Nashville to give you a unique sound that defines your music and ministry. Don’t be fooled by the myth that because you are coming to Nashville that you will have the “Nashville” sound. That’s where Creative Soul and YOU come in, taking the best team in the world and creating something new and different.

“Without craftsmanship, inspiration is a mere reed shaken in the wind.” – Johannes Brahms

Not Just a Studio

We are a full development and production company, meaning we work with artists from conceiving the songs and direction of the music, through recording, mix and master, graphic and web design, and even duplication in some cases.


The first step in any album project is great songs. Let that sink in. Great songs. This is the first place we step things up. Maybe you have written them already, or maybe we need to co-write them, or find you songs. But the songs need to be a step up from anything you have done.

We’ll usually get together at the studio, and just spend a day or two pouring over the songs, the reasons you want to sing them, how the arrangements should flow, and what kind of musicians we will need for them.

This is an important time, and we are after original, high-quality songs that come from your heart.



Then it’s time for the tracking sessions.

We start by getting the musicians scheduled. Drums, Guitar, Keyboards, and Bass will be the foundation of the record, and the players here in Nashville are quite frankly the best session musicians in the world.

And besides being great players, they have incredible ideas for the songs and arrangements, and many times we’ll leave the studio with much more than even we planned in pre-production.

We are also careful to hire a great lead engineer, and pick the right studio rooms to record in. Again, we don’t cut corners here. A quality engineer adds experience and makes sure every note played by these fine artisans gets recorded right. And the studios we work at are among the best in the business.

Overdubs & Vocals


Then, after we add other overdubs such as keyboards, orchestration, background vocals, and any other needed elements, it’s time for the artist to sing.

This is another area in which we add quality. Most likely, in your previous recording projects, someone directed you to a booth, pressed Record, and pointed your way. Our approach is a bit different.

We need the absolute best vocal we can get from you. And this means working with you on how to sing notes, phrases, and licks. It also may mean bringing in a vocal coach or arranger to work with us. Finally, we carefully tune and perfect the vocal performance to make sure we have the best vocal track we can have.

Many vocalists like this to be a separate trip, so you can have time at home with the studio tracks to get your performance down. This is totally up to you. This is also usually the time we have the photo shoot for the album design and web site.


Once all parts are recorded, we begin the mix.

Again, a very important part of the quality issue. We use award-winning engineers that have been part of many large label projects, and that are selected especially for your mix because of what they bring to the table. Not just the same old crew that does every recording.

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