10 Song Album Production

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The full album is the dream of every artist, especially if you have aspirations of getting out and touring. Releasing 10 songs either as singles leading up to a release, or dropping that 10 song project on the world for your traveling sales or to pitch to an exclusive music library, can legitimize you as an artist in the industry and bring many different kinds of music income. We’ve been helping artists record full albums since the mid-90s, and we are ready to help you record the album of your dreams with the best in the business.

  • Band Tracking (Drums/Percussion, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards) featuring the top players in Nashville
  • Programming/Arranging
  • Recording studio fees
  • World class engineers for tracking and mixing
  • Lead vocal recording
  • Final Mix
  • Mastering
  • Professional Photoshoot (done at time of lead vocals)
  • Graphic Design of cover/CD graphics
  • 100 CDs

Other things that can be included are background vocals (featuring Nashville’s best vocalists), horn section, orchestral elements (real or programmed) and more.  These extras will of course add to the base recording prices. Base price can also be lower for certain songs needing less instrumentation.

Contact us now about coming to Nashville and producing your next CD release.

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