5 Song EP Production

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Many times a 10 song album seems like too much, especially when you want to put out a product NOW. You may have a tour coming , or just would like a product to begin selling and putting in people’s hands to show your legitimacy as an artist, or pitching your music to exclusive music libraries. Our 5-6 Song EP package takes you all the way to a finished project in all online stores and a starter order of CDs to sell or distribute.

Here’s what’s included:

  • Band Tracking (Drums/Percussion, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards) featuring the top session players in Nashville
  • Programming/Arranging
  • Recording studio fees
  • World class engineers for tracking and mixing
  • Lead vocal recording
  • Final Mix
  • Mastering
  • Professional Photoshoot (done at time of lead vocals)
  • Graphic Design of cover/CD graphics
  • 100 CDs

Other things that can be included are background vocals (featuring Nashville’s best vocalists), horn section, orchestral elements (real or programmed) and more.  These extras will of course add to the base recording prices. Base price can also be lower for certain songs needing less instrumentation.

Contact us now about coming to Nashville and producing your next EP release.

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