Each artist that comes to Creative Soul gets their very own experienced music producer who has numerous credits in the music industry. This producer is also a skilled arranger and is chosen for his musical style, as well as how his personality and experience fit the client. As we have mentioned, there is NO cookie cutter mentality at Creative Soul. Each artist gets a completely different production team, chosen for their specific type of music direction.

Here are just a few of the producers and engineers we have at our disposal for your music and ministry:

Ronnie Brookshire
Not many people have had a bigger effect on Creative Soul than Ronnie. He was the first to listen and suggest we bring our artists and business to the Nashville area and use the amazing music talent that resides here. Ronnie has mixed hundreds of Creative Soul songs, as well as being a Grammy-winning engineer himself (Michael W. Smith). He continues to be one of our main mix engineers, but his productions are amazing as well.

Eric Copeland
The Original Creative Soul producer, Eric now spends much of his time working with each artist on the big picture and music licensing. But Eric is always looking for that project he can write, arrange, and otherwise bring his original music style to. His specialty and love is writing and arranging for artists who don’t yet have their style locked in, but know they want to create something amazing and different.

Jonathan Crone
JC is an incredible guitarist, programmer, and producer with credits like Bebe & Cece Winans, Vanessa Williams, Reliant K, Naomi Judd, Kirk Whalum, The Elms, First Call, and Michael Bolton. And that just scratches the surface. His work with Heather Headley garnered him his first Grammy, but it is Jonathan’s modern style and easy-going attitude that makes him a favorite for clients. He’s equally at home on keyboard, but he shines as an accomplished guitar player.

Steve Dady
Steve is the owner and chief engineer at Sunset Boulevard Studios, one of our favorite studios! He knows his room well, and offers a complete experience for the client. His friendly and extremely efficient manner makes things go so easily in the studio. Steve has worked with some of the best including Steve Curtis Chapman, The Imperials, Wayne Watson, Selah, Tammy Trent, Phillips, Craig and Dean, and many more.

Bill Whittington
Billy is a multiple Grammy and Dove winning engineer that has worked with Amy Grant, Vanessa Williams, Faith Hill, Jessica Simpson, Michael Bolton, James Ingram, Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross and Michael W. Smith, among hundreds of others. His tracking and mixing talents are legendary in Nashville, and he’s the nicest guy in the music business!

Mark Baldwin
Mark is a 25-year seasoned veteran, known for his guitar work for Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, Don Moen, and countless more, but also as producer for folks like Bryan Duncan, Kathy Troccoli, and many instrumental albums for Brentwood, Reunion, and more recently Discovery House. Mark’s strength is his powerhouse guitars which bring unique pop, rock, R&B, and jazz flavors, but also his approachable, laid-back production style and demeanor.

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