Single Production


We live in a singles world again. Just like the 50s, singles rule as artists try different things, and getting a single on a Spotify playlist, YouTube video, or used in a TV show, film, or commercial are the focus for music brands.

We recognize this and have been working with artists on singles for years. Now we offer our full single production for a flat fee that includes the following:

  • Band Tracking (Drums/Percussion, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards) featuring the top players in Nashville
  • Programming/Arranging
  • Recording studio fees
  • World class engineers for tracking and mixing
  • Lead vocal recording
  • Final Mix/Master

Other things that can be included are background vocals (featuring Nashville’s best vocalists), horn section, orchestral elements (real or programmed) and more.  These extras will of course add to the base recording price. Base price can also be lower for certain songs needing less instrumentation.

Contact us now about coming to Nashville and producing your next single.

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