Make Music. Market Everywhere!

We are helping faith-based artists make amazing music in Nashville and then get it out to thousands via social networks, music videos, and more. Forget radio. You simply cannot compete against the major labels. But you CAN compete with quality music, media, video, and reach people around the world with your message, music, and ministry!... Continue Reading →

The Joy of Creating

There’s often not a lot to be joyful about in this world these days. But we creatives have a refuge from this madness. And we are at our best when creating or sharing creative projects. Here's why...

A Hot Start to 2020!

It’s been an amazing start of 2020 for Creative Soul Records releasing new music with FOUR new videos, with over 10,000 views on Facebook. We also have several more videos premiering soon, and we've also signed two new artists!

Your First, Best Destiny

As a creative and as a leader of creatives, I have been or see what I feel are very talented people not accomplishing all that they could. So how do you move towards and even reach your first, best destiny?

How Real Change Begins

As we look out on a new year (and a new decade!) it is usually a time to think about change. What are your goals for this year? What things have you wanted to do in your life and 2020 is the time you want to go after them?

Embrace the Unique YOU!

One of the most common mistakes people make is tying to be like an artist that already exists, then wondering why the world doesn’t react to another version of that artist? Here's the answer to real success that no one else can have!

Looking for New Artists for 2020!

Creative Soul Records is looking to add artists to it’s roster in 2020. Join singer/dancer Kerri Lynn, bands Falcone Rising and All Together United, singer/songwriter Bobby Burns, R&B group Konai Adelphe and more as we strive to take the message in song to the world.

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