It’s Down to This

Sales? Touring? Video? Marketing? What used to be a given for independent Christian artists has become a hazy landscape. That's why this post is so important to what we should be focusing on. THIS is the first and one true way to find success in your music ministry.

Still Focused on YOU!

We are not only meeting and recording new artists who want to build and grow their music ministries, we are making it happen on the back end as well! We are still focused on YOU the independent Christian artist seeking to build a lasting music ministry!

Our Updated Workshop eBook (PDF)

We have just updated our very popular Christian Artist and Songwriter Workshop eBook in PDF format. This is a great way to get all the information you need to make an informed decision about how to get started, or re-started with your music ministry career.

Magic Beans

We all have wished we could find that "one person", that company, A&R, or publisher who would hear our songs or see our art, and recognize our genius.

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