Embrace the Unique YOU!

One of the most common mistakes people make is tying to be like an artist that already exists, then wondering why the world doesn’t react to another version of that artist? Here's the answer to real success that no one else can have!

Looking for New Artists for 2020!

Creative Soul Records is looking to add artists to it’s roster in 2020. Join singer/dancer Kerri Lynn, bands Falcone Rising and All Together United, singer/songwriter Bobby Burns, R&B group Konai Adelphe and more as we strive to take the message in song to the world.

It’s Down to This

Sales? Touring? Video? Marketing? What used to be a given for independent Christian artists has become a hazy landscape. That's why this post is so important to what we should be focusing on. THIS is the first and one true way to find success in your music ministry.

Ready to Record?

For over twenty years we've been helping Christian artists come to Nashville and meet industry folks, record at amazing studios, and get their music produced the right way. Are YOU ready?

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