Creative Souls Still Thrive!

Even through a pandemic, we still saw new artists like Chelsea Leah, All Together United, Nicole Falgout, Tom Storms, and many more. Like Christmas in Whoville after the Grinch took everything...creativity still happened. Through all the madness, we worked with brave creatives who made music and art, EPs, CDs, DVDs, singles, videos, and more. We... Continue Reading →

Get It Done!

So, you’ve waited all year.  This was going to be the year to get that song done, that project done. But then...COVID, or work, or whatever else happened. But, there is still time to get moving on what you felt you needed to do creatively in 2020. All you have to do is GET IT... Continue Reading →

Do One Creative Thing

Do you find yourself completely overloaded with creative ideas?  Does it feel like there are so many artistic things you COULD do that you end up doing nothing, completely paralyzed by the weight of all those possibilities? Maybe like me you work for a church, or school, or company, or for yourself, and a thousand... Continue Reading →

Make Music. Market Everywhere!

We are helping faith-based artists make amazing music in Nashville and then get it out to thousands via social networks, music videos, and more. Forget radio. You simply cannot compete against the major labels. But you CAN compete with quality music, media, video, and reach people around the world with your message, music, and ministry!... Continue Reading →

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