Creative Soul Platinum

This is our exclusive tier NEW for 2022 offered by audition and invitation only. This is an exclusive package for a premium experience at the top Nashville studios, with a Grammy-winning producer at the helm, and the top musicians in Nashville as your band.

This level also includes a full-featured professional photoshoot with one of Nashville’s best photographers, a full-featured web site, and a video crew to follow your every move as we document each step.

Our goal is an EP or full 10+ song album we can pitch exclusively to Television, Film, Advertising, and more. We feel music licensing in the NEW music business!

Of course we will also release your new music on Spotify, Apple, Amazon and more, and YOU will be the sole owner of the income from these sales, and co-owner of the sync and performance royalties!

Begin the audition process and start the adventure of a lifetime in the amazing studios of Nashville.

Creative Soul DIY

This is a new side of Creative Soul for 2022 that is also by audition and invitation only, and in some ways at the other end of the spectrum from our Platinum level.

CSR DIY works with artists that create their own positive music in any style, but especially pop, rock, hip-hop, folk, R&B, and EDM. We’re looking for talented artists who want to create their music with their own hands, are finding success on socials, and just need that guiding touch to begin to make income from their music.

This will likely become a sub-label that organizes and leads these creative indie souls, with weekly meetings and focused goals.

Our goal will be singles that will also be pitched to the sync agents and music supervisors looking for these kinds of inventive artists. Creative Soul Records will be the catalyst for taking things to the next level and creative more income streams for the indie artist.

Are you The One?

Learn more about the Creative Soul DIY program.

Creative Soul Records

This is the same service we have offered for 25 years to our roster artists. All the features from the DIY level to the most Premium experiences are available to every Creative Soul artist, but usually are goals are to be as cost-effective as possible while still building a Nashville label quality brand.

We also work with every artist offer the ability to pitch to music licensing, but many artists may choose to follow their own path with their recordings and brands.

There is NO audition process and never has been for Creative Soul Artists. We exist to help all artists at any budget get the help they need.

Just like the other levels we offer consulting, production, and marketing services to our CSR roster, just as we have for 25 years. And we offer our music licensing options to all Creative Soul Records artists.

And just like it has always been, and as it is with all our levels, CSR artists own their products and brands completely.

Get started or learn more about being a Creative Soul Records artist.


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