It’s Time for Christmas (Again!)

Christmas is always a good time to release new music! Not only to your fans and music brand, but also to licensing sites pay well to use those songs for videos, presentations, and more! We are currently looking for 10 artists to partner with us on Christmas songs for release to your brand and to... Continue Reading →

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The Fall Special 2021

Have you been trying to get back to your music this year, but it's been harder than you thought it would be? Money is tight, and there's still this thing called...COVID! Yes we all thought it might be easier to make music and get back out there in 2021, but it has been rough! That's... Continue Reading →

Plan to be Creative, and Work the Plan

Being creative is more than just inspiration and revelation. It takes more than just AHA moments and epiphanies to create works of arts, whether they are symphonies, novels, paintings, hit songs or whatever art you make. Being a successful creative means not just thinking up creative ideas, but making time for them, and then actually doing them. It takes... Continue Reading →

Make Music Income!

As you can tell by our recent blogs and videos, we are focused on helping our cleints make income from their music. No matter if you are an artist, a songwriter, a composer, or any musician, it would be nice to find a way to make money with the music you invest your time and... Continue Reading →

Relentless Focus

The creatives that you see succeed overcome something that is very difficult for many to beat, and the war rages all the time for all creatives behind the scenes. It’s called Resistance. It’s focusing on our passion and art at the expense of all other passions and arts. And that’s a very hard thing and... Continue Reading →

What You Need Now!

It’s easy to get overwhelmed with your music, but especially as we come into a time where hopefully the world could return to somewhat normal it's time we get back out there and offer hope and inspiration! So, where is your music right now? What do you need to make the next step? It’s always... Continue Reading →

NEW Services, NEW Prices!

At Creative Soul we are always trying to help artists and songwriters like you find new ways to succeed that fit your goals and needs. Not every artist needs a full 10-song album. Not every songwriter needs a brand built around them. Maybe you just need to record a great single, or get critiques on... Continue Reading →

Artist and Songwriter Success Workshop, 2021 PDF Edition

Completely Revamped for 2021! "The Artist and Songwriter Success Workshop, PDF Edition" - $75.00! Includes a free consulting call with Creative Soul Records President and Executive Producer Eric Copeland! This is the complete PDF edition of everything we talk about when we consult with new artists and songwriters. It's the entire outline of the workshop,... Continue Reading →

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