Artist Development Zoom Coaching

Creative Soul offers Zoom Coaching for your Music Career

The age of COVID-19 has really changed the way we work with our artists and songwriters, but we’ve been consulting online and by phone with folks for decades.

In the last few years we’ve all had to learn how to meet and communicate in Zoom meetings, so we have been doing that A LOT with clients. In fact, it’s turned out to be an effective way to offer consulting in:

  • Artist Direction. Figuring out the next paths and planning next steps together.
  • Home Studio Consulting. How to put together and use your own vocal and demo studio at home.
  • Song Development. Zoom has made it easy to share screens and for me to give ideas and detailed thoughts about songs in real-time.
  • Production. We are using Zoom and other tools to share studio experiences together in Nashville.
  • Marketing. We also use these meetings to figure out the next steps in marketing via social media, Spotify, YouTube, and more.
  • Music Licensing. We work with our artists to produce music that is ready for TV, Film, Advertising, and more. It’s become one of the more lucrative incomes for artists and their music.
  • YouTube Interviews. We’ll be interviewing clients both uber-experienced, and brand new for our Creative Soul Records YouTube channel which is about to see a whole new side of informational videos, interviews with artists and industry pros, reviews, and more.

If you think our Zoom consulting package might be right for you, we’d love to hear from you. You’ll get:

  • 2-3 Zoom Meetings per Month focusing on YOUR songs, production, marketing, licensing, and more!
  • Unlimited Emails
  • FREE membership to our Zoom Music Licensing Mastermind every Monday at noon (replays available! Like an extra hour of coaching!)
  • Monday morning updates on what our goals are for the week.

We offer a FREE 30-Minute Coaching session to answer any of your questions! Get in touch now and let’s get your music brand to the next level!

Quotes from Coaching Clients!

I started out with a handful of songs and no idea how to go about getting them recorded, but after working with Eric and CSR I had a CD and songs that were receiving radio play across North America and in Europe. Eric was a crucial part of the entire process.”

– Greg Nason

“The next phase of my music career involves cultivating my talents as a recording artist, songwriter, session singer, voice-over/on-screen actor, and sync artist. Through Eric’s coaching, I’m gaining a better understanding of the “new” music industry, and how I can make music income with these talents.”

– Kyle Bellinger

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