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One of the biggest differences in Creative Soul and almost any consulting or production company you will find is the emphasis and continued services we offer in marketing your music.

Sure you can have a spiffy single, EP, or album produced musically, but who will help you with amazing photography, offer stunning designs for your cover or CD art, help you work with mastering and duplication companies, help you build a web site, social media presence, get it to online stores, make videos, make sheet music, and get them on Facebook and YouTube channel? And who else do you know that also will market and help you get your music into TV, Film, and Advertising for a bigger possible return off your investment?

Like a full service label and publishing company, this is what we have been helping artists do for over 20 years!

Professional Photography
We’ve been taking amazing photos of our artists for almost 30 years. Like our music productions, our images stand OUT! (READ MORE >)

Graphic Design
Our clients have enjoyed top design for their albums and singles for decades. Eye-catching graphics that pop off the screen or the CD!  (READ MORE >)

Web Design & Social Media Development 
Let’s face it, your web presence is what people check out to see if they are interested in your music. How often do you check out a company online FIRST before buying their product? Um, every time right? (READ MORE >)

Music Video Production
Video is the BEST way to get your music heard online and find support for your music, as well as make royalty income from YouTube and other sources. (SEE MORE >)

Sheet Music Production
We can create beautiful lead sheets and sheet music as PDF files for you to sell online, or print! (SEE MORE>)

Ongoing Marketing is Important!
After we make the music, this is WEEKLY work we do for clients in all these phases. People will never find out about your music if you don’t market it!

Music Licensing
One of our main concentrations now is getting the music of our artists into TV, Film, Advertising, Gaming and more. Find out more our Music Licensing company Positive Spin Songs.

Just like our friends and Word, Centricity, and Capitol, we consider marketing and licensing as important as the songs and the production!

Contact us now to talk more about any of these services!

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