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Ready to step up to a new level of recording, or need a sounding board to bounce ideas off, and find out where you stand in the new changing business of music? Our goal is to make it easy for you to ask questions, find out more information, and set up an appointment to come to Nashville and get started on the next step for your music and ministry. Just email us and let’s start talking.

Also, be sure to join the mailing list to be part of updates, opportunities, and to get our inspirational blogs as well as our FREE E-Book “Getting Started on Christian Music”.

Get started by telling us your story here. We want to hear about your music and ministry, or hear your hopes and dreams about starting one! (You can also email via the link below the form).

PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING: We are NOT a company that will fund you or “sign” you to a deal where we support you financially. This is not our model.

We are mainly a “for hire” consulting, production, and marketing company that works with Christian artists and songwriters looking to build their own strong, independent music ministries. If you are looking for a more traditional record deal, we are likely not your best bet.

Want to get started NOW? Check out our Store Page here!

Telephone – (615) 400-3910

Note: We will likely respond faster to email than phone messages, but we always try and respond.


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